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Baradde Furis

Legend has it that...
A poor cowherd, used to offer his lamentations about his childlessness at the foot of this cross where he used to take his herd for grazing, near the foot of a hill. In desperation, he offered to build a chapel, if his wish was fulfilled. He was blessed with a beautiful baby after some time [around the time of the carnival festivities]. When he decided to build the chapel, he was visited by a vision that requested him to build the chapel atop the hill, as from there on the cross would ably protect all that it surveyed.

So, the chapel was built upon the hill, where it stands today, visited by many whose wishes need to be laid down at its steps, waiting to be fulfilled.

Every year, at Carnival, devotees from outlying areas, namely Ambellim, throng to the cross accompanied by a music band.

As recounted by Mr. Feliciano Rodrigues
and confirmed by Ms. Manisha Fernandes


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