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In Goa, we revere the cross with a devotion that is powerful and all encompassing. It has been a singularly influential representation of the religious belief and is recognized by all nations, notwithstanding it acceptance. So containing is the power of this symbol that it vies for place of pride alongside the milestones, on the highways and lanes of our state, Goa.

Crosses are erected at accident sites as memorials, as guardians of tombstones and as the cornerstones of the faithful in areas where more than one Christian home abounds.

From legends, basic scientific precepts and necessities, some of the crosses have been deemed miraculous and have been named in accordance with the uses and customs practiced thereabouts.

Hence the curious occurrences in the “Tisrreamcho Furis”, “Khelleanchco Furis”, Talleancho Furis” and so on. Any investigation reveals the simple logic of naming the cross, not only for the areas in which the cross stands but also for the concept that governs its construction and establishment.

Below we have listed some crosses in Goa with there legend, click on the below names to find out more. If you know of the any other legend or the origin crosses in Goa, kindly email us the same.

1. Fullancho Furis (Cross of Flowers) - Bambolim

2. Baradde Furis - Betul

3. Chirea Furis (Stone Cross) - Loutolim

4. Growing Cross - Old Goa

5. Kanteantlo Furis - Lotoulim

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