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The Chi Rho Cross (or Constantine's) – a sigla, forming a warrior's cross. Roman Emperor Constantine decided on an emblem for his military and named it Labarum. The idea for this emblem appeared to him as a light in the noon-day sky, and he took it as a sign from God.

The shape he saw was of “a long spear, overlaid with gold”. It had a cross bar and on the top of the whole was fixed a wreath of gold and precious stones, and within this the symbol of the Saviour’s name, two letters indicating the name of Christ by means of the initial letters, the letter ‘X’ intersection ‘P’ at the centre. Christos in the Greek lettering is xneooio. The first letter ‘X’ (chi) shaped like the cross and the second letter ‘P’ (rho), form the monogram of Christ (Chrimon). It also became the monogram of Constantine. The Chi rho Cross is a warrior's Cross. A cross, like any other we could choose, to follow Christ's example to wage war on any form of evil.

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