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Treefoli Cross

Latin Cross with three 'buds', is called a Budded Cross. In Christianity, the Three-leafed clover end caps remind believers of the Trinity. Like the appendages of other crosses, the 'buds' have other interpretations. For example, a connection with Aaron's staff that budded and was preserved in the Ark of the Covenant, showing that life can emerge from death and renewed life from difficult circumstances. Or like the buds of a flower where a journey of growth in faith, like flowers growing but not yet bloomed.

Since there are four arms, each with three buds, another name of this cross is the Apostles'Cross, with one bud for each of the twelve budding Christian apostles. This cross is known in heraldry as the Treflee, Trefoil, Bontonee or Bottony Cross. The ends of the Cross Bontonee terminate in trefoils. Its medieval connection with the holy Trinity has made its use popular in all decorative forms of printing.


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